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Our team at Callahan & Klein Dental, delivering skilled and
compassionate dental care for you and your family is our top priority. We enjoy helping patients of all ages achieve lasting oral health.

Who We Are

We are Lakewood dentists who are passionate about patient-focused care. From crowns and implants to root canals and ClearCorrect®, we strive for your 110% satisfaction at every visit. Our team provides a welcoming, respectful, and relaxing environment that every family member will enjoy. By addressing the unique individual dental needs of everyone who visits us, we’re helping patients of all ages achieve lasting oral health.

Dr. Callahan and Dr. Klein understand how your dental health affects the way you feel inside and out. A bright smile gives you confidence in everything you do, and a healthy mouth means pain-free eating, talking, and living. We can help you and every member of your family experience optimal oral health for many years to come. We are conveniently located on Alameda Parkway just west of Union for the easy access of Lakewood, Green Mountain, and Greater Denver area residents. Contact us today to find out how we can help you brighten your smile!

Our Mission

It is our mission to improve the quality of life and overall health of our patients in a warm and compassionate environment.
Oral health has huge implications for overall health and happiness. We’re honored to have the privilege and responsibility of providing care to Lakewood residents. We are as dedicated to creating a comfortable and friendly office environment as we are to providing top-notch dental care.

Exceptional Dental Care at Every Age

We welcome patients of all ages. We focus on treating patients according to their specific needs and taking the time to build trust with everyone we see — young children, teens, adults, and senior patients alike. Every individual is different, and everyone has different needs. We understand this and strive to understand our patients so that we can give them the best possible experience.
Establishing a strong bond lets us deliver services that improve oral health, confidence, and quality of life. Every procedure is based on a carefully planned treatment strategy that is personalized to your smile.

Lakewood Dentist - Services

Our wide variety of services includes everything from routine cleanings to cosmetic dentistry to emergency dental care. To learn more about our offerings, follow the links below.


Implant-supported replacement teeth look, feel and function like natural teeth.

Dental Cleanings
& Examinations

A comprehensive dental exam will be performed by your dentist at your initial dental visit.

Teeth Alignment

An almost invisible aligning system that straightens teeth fast and contains no metal.

Fillings, Crowns,
& Bridges

A composite (tooth colored) filling is used to repair a tooth that is affected by decay, cracks, fractures.

Dental Care

Infant oral health exams, which include risk assessment for caries in mother and child.


We are dedicated to providing excellent cosmetic dentistry that exceeds your needs.


We are dedicated to providing excellent cosmetic dentistry that exceeds your needs.

Periodontal (Gum)
Disease Treatment

Periodontal disease attacks the gums and the bone that support the teeth.

Root Canal

Root canal therapy is needed when the nerve of a tooth is affected by decay or infection.


We are dedicated to providing excellent cosmetic dentistry that exceeds your needs.


Teeth that are broken, below the surface, or impacted require a more involved procedure.

Dental Care

Prompt treatment is almost always required to alleviate pain and to ensure the chance of tooth survival.

As a skilled dentist in Lakewood with many years of experience, we not only offer a variety of services but also tailor each treatment to fit your lifestyle and your budget. When recommending treatments, we consider your immediate medical needs as well as your future goals. We’re dedicated to longlasting comprehensive care and strive to create trusting relationships with our patients.
Each treatment we recommend isn’t only based on your diagnosis but considers your goals as well. Want a long-lasting bright smile? We’ll walk you through our whitening options and discuss cosmetic dentistry. Need a cavity filled? We’ll complete the procedure and send you home with new knowledge on how to maintain your teeth and prevent future problems. When our patients are happy and empowered, we’re satisfied!

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Empowering You to Take Control of Your Oral Health

We’re happy to support all patients looking for a comprehensive
dentist in Lakewood CO. Patient education is a key part of what
we do at Callahan & Klein Dental.

We explain treatment and options with gentleness and patience so that you can feel confident that you’re making the best choice for your needs. We want all patients to rest assured that they are in safe hands.