Advanced Dental Imaging: Transforming Patient Care with CT Scanning Technology

In Lakewood, Colorado, Callahan and Klein Dental have always embrace  technology, offering its patients an array of benefits that enhance both the diagnostic precision and the overall treatment experience.

What Are CT Scanners Used For?

CT scanners are incredible tools that use X-rays and computer technology to take 3D pictures of your teeth and bones. These images let your dentist see all the details inside your mouth clearly, helping us understand your teeth, gums, and bones better.

Dental Crown Digital Model

How We Use CT Scans to Help Our Patients

Leveraging CT Scanning technology offers many benefits to our patients.

  • Finding Problems Early: Imaging from CT Scans help us find tooth problems that regular X-rays might not show, like early gum disease or issues with the bones in your jaw.
  • Planning Your Treatment: If you need something like braces or dental implants, CT Scans help your dentist plan perfectly, so everything fits just right.
  • Gentler Check-Ups: Because the imaging is so clear, the old way of poking around too much is not necessary, which means less discomfort for you.
  • Understanding Your Teeth Better: You can look at these 3D X-rays with your dentist, so it’s easier to understand what’s happening in your mouth.

Real-World Applications at Callahan and Klein Dental

Although there are many ways we can use CT Scans, below are just a couple examples of how we might use them.
Dental Implant Placement: A patient requiring multiple dental implants can benefit from a CT scan by having precise bone structure and density revealed. This allows for accurate implant placement, ensuring long-term success and reducing the risk of complications.
Root Canal Therapy: In cases where traditional X-rays are inconclusive, the CT scanner reveals the exact anatomy of the tooth’s root canals. This leads to a more effective and less painful root canal treatment.
Orthodontic Assessment: For a complex orthodontic case, the CT scan provided a comprehensive view of the patient’s jaw alignment and tooth positioning, aiding in the development of a more effective treatment plan.
The adoption of CT scanners at Callahan and Klein Dental in Lakewood, Colorado, ensures patients receive superior dental care.

CT Scans For Patients In Lakewood Colorado

By offering clearer, more detailed imagery, these scanners enhance diagnostic accuracy, enable precise treatment planning, minimize invasiveness, and improve patient understanding.

As this technology continues to evolve, it promises to further refine the capabilities of dental professionals and enhance the oral health and treatment outcomes for patients.

Still Have Questions?

Please reach out to us via email or phone if you want more information about dental imaging. We’re happy to talk to you about the best options for your smile!

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