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Callahan & Klein Dental

Are you looking for a friendly, comfortable office that will treat you with the personalized care you deserve? Do you want a family-friendly dentist who knows how to make patients of all ages feel at ease? Do you want care you can trust from top dental professionals who use high quality materials? If you answered yes to any of those questions, look no further! Callahan & Klein Dental offers all this and more. We are a caring and knowledgeable team located in Lakewood and eager to improve the oral health of our community.

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What Sets Us Apart

Callahan & Klein Dental in Lakewood, CO has a longstanding devotion to excellence in dental care. We are proud of the long-term relationships we build with our patients, and we’re proud to offer personalized care that treats the unique needs of everyone who comes into our office. We use conservative, state-of-the-art techniques that will result in beautiful and healthy smiles.

We Welcome Everyone

At Callahan & Klein Dental, we welcome everyone. Our goal is for everyone, regardless of race, religion, nationality, gender, or sexual orientation, to feel they belong at our office. As a team, we strive to create an atmosphere of acceptance and respect so you feel comfortable during every visit.

High Standards

At Callahan & Klein Dental, we hold ourselves to the highest
standards of excellence in personalized dental care.

That’s because we know that our patients deserve nothing less than the absolute best. We provide comprehensive treatment planning and use restorative and cosmetic dentistry to help patients achieve optimal dental health. We use the highest quality materials available so that all procedures achieve beautiful and long-lasting results.

Should a dental emergency occur, we make every effort to see and care for you as soon as possible. We always keep patients informed about their options and educate them about the treatments that we recommend. We want you to understand your oral health so that you can feel confident about your treatment choices.

Your health, satisfaction, and comfort are our top priorities!
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Education & Prevention

As a practice, we are true believers that preventive care and education are the keys to optimal dental health.
We aim to keep your smile healthy and strong, and we strive to provide “dental health care” instead of “disease care”.

Callahan & Klein Dental’s preventative program includes thorough exams that check the overall health of your teeth and gums, oral cancer exams, and x-rays when necessary. We also offer routine cleanings, flossing, sealants, and fluoride treatments, which help prevent dental disease.

We want our patients to feel empowered to take control of their oral health in their day-to-day lives, too. We focus on patient education that extends beyond the dental chair. From good brushing habits to tooth-friendly diets, we help our patients understand how they can maintain their smile and avoid costly procedures later in life. On this website, you can find free patient resources on topics like tooth whitening, gum health, and oral surgery.

We are focused on the beauty of your smile, but we’re also concerned about your overall health. We always review the medical histories of our patients. This keeps us informed about your overall health and any new medications or illnesses that may impact your dental health. Our comprehensive and preventative approach to dental care puts your wellbeing first!

Training & Expertise

As your dental health professionals, we want you to be confident that you are receiving quality care in our office. We are a team of highly trained and skilled clinicians, and we are always working to provide our patients with the best experience possible. To give you top quality services and results, we are committed to continual education and learning. We attend dental lectures, meetings, and dental conventions to stay informed about new techniques, new oral health products, and the newest equipment that a modern dental office can utilize to provide state-of-the-art care.

As members of various professional dental associations, we stay abreast of the changes and recommendations for our profession. We’re excited by new developments in the field of dentistry, and we’re eager to provide you with the highest quality care available.
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Uncompromising Safety

Infection control in our office is very important to us.
To protect our patients and ourselves, Callahan & Klein Dental strictly maintains sterilization and cross contamination processes using standards recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Comprehensive Offerings

Callahan & Klein Dental offers comprehensive care.
We welcome patients of all ages and backgrounds, and we will deliver safe and effective care no matter what kind of dental work you need. We offer cleanings and examinations, pediatric and family dentistry, root canal therapy, whitening and cosmetic services, dental implants, and much more. The quality of our work leaves our patients feeling great about their treatment, whether it was a routine cleaning or a more complicated procedure.
We work with patients to find the dental care they need at a cost that works for them. We always consider our patients’ budgets and work to find financing options for their care.
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A Positive Experience

We build a foundation of trust by treating our patients as individuals. We know there is no single way to deliver dental care. Instead, we strive to adapt to the unique needs of every patient we see.
We understand that some patients may feel uneasy about their dental visits, and we’re committed to creating positive experiences for all patients by providing a relaxing environment and comfortable care. Our team works together to provide you with excellent, personalized care to make your visits as pleasant as possible.

Callahan & Klein Dental is here to serve you

At Callahan & Klein Dental, we’re honored to serve the community of Lakewood. Dentist appointments don’t have to be scary. Instead, they can be an empowering way for you to take care of your health and your smile.
Call our office to make an appointment today. We’ll give you a reason to smile!

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