Help, My Teeth Are Yellow But I Brush Them Every Day!

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Are your teeth less than dazzling? Do you feel embarrassed by yellow teeth? Are you brushing every day and still not seeing any improvement? What could be going on? There’s more than just good brushing involved when it comes to the color of your teeth. Let’s find out about types of tooth staining and the best way to get that white smile back again.

What Makes Teeth Yellow?

First off, most people’s teeth are not naturally bright white. Natural enamel color can run in a wide range of shades between white and yellow, white and gray and even white with reddish-brown undertones. There are different reasons for why your teeth might be yellow, however, and the type of stain also affects the best way to treat them.

Why Your Teeth Might Be Yellow

  • Poor Oral Health
    You might think brushing is enough but are you really taking care of your teeth? Dentists recommend brushing twice daily for two minutes each time. In addition, you should be flossing at least once a day. If your oral care routine could do with an upgrade, this is the best way you can keep your teeth looking healthy and white.
  • Smoking
    The tobacco and nicotine in cigarettes and other tobacco products can stain your teeth. As well as being detrimental to your health overall, using cigarettes or chewing tobacco will cause your teeth to turn yellow or even brown.
  • Food and Drink
    Eating foods with strong colors such as berries, tomato sauces and soy sauce can stain the surface of your teeth if you don’t brush regularly. Drinks such as red wine, coffee and sodas can have the same effect, especially with prolonged contact with your teeth.
  • Medications
    If you’ve recently started some new medications and have noticed a change in your tooth color, check the list of side effects. Some medicines for blood pressure, asthma, and mental illness can affect and discolor your teeth. Talk to your dentist or doctor if this is an issue but do not stop using your medications unless instructed.

Types of Staining That Cause Yellow Teeth

There are two types of staining that can change the color of your teeth from white to yellow: extrinsic stains or intrinsic stains.

Extrinsic stains affect the exterior surface of your teeth. They can be caused by food and drinks or by using tobacco products. Extrinsic stains are easier to remove than other types of staining.

Intrinsic stains affect the interior of your teeth. They can be caused by damage or decay to the tooth or by past procedures such as root canals. Intrinsic stains can also be caused by excessive consumption of fluoride, antibiotics and your genetic makeup. These stains are harder to remove as they are inside the tooth, but cosmetic options are available.

Can Yellow Teeth Be Treated?

Happily, there are several treatment options for yellow teeth, no matter what causes them.

  • A Professional Dental Cleaning
    Sometimes all it takes to get rid of your yellow teeth is to see the dentist for a scheduled cleaning. A mild abrasive paste can be applied to remove surface stains and you’ll leave with smoother, shinier, healthier teeth. Keep the yellow at bay by brushing and flossing and drinking more water.
  • Whitening Treatments
    If brushing isn’t helping, or you just want a brighter smile, try a dental whitening or bleaching treatment. This non-invasive treatment usually lightens teeth by several shades in one appointment so you can safely say goodbye to those yellow teeth. Callahan & Klein Dental uses the Zoom whitening system for an even more effective treatment. Teeth bleaching or whitening will need to be repeated every couple of years to maintain a white smile but it’s a quick, easy and affordable way to get rid of yellow teeth.
  • Dental Veneers
    For the ultimate in yellow teeth removal, you can cover them with dental veneers. These thin slices of porcelain are fitted to the outside surface of a tooth or teeth, giving a perfect appearance when you smile. You can have one veneer or several, your dentist will be able to advise on the best way to treat your yellow teeth.

Don’t let yellow teeth get you down – a visit to your dentist will give you a choice of options to lift your tooth color and your confidence. Patients in Lakewood, CO can contact Callahan & Klein Dental for the best in cosmetic dentistry in a friendly office.


Still Have Questions?

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